Hawaii Amateur Radio
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About Contacting Hawaii ARES

You can use the form below to contact the Hawaii ARES. When using the form, an email notification will be sent to the Hawaii Section ARES District Emergency Coordinator and Emergency Coordinators in that district.

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District: Information District This field is required to route your message to the appropriate Hawaii ARES staff member and it's highly recommended you set it.  


NOTE: Be sure to correctly enter both of the ReCaptcha security challenges into the field below. If the ReCaptcha challenge is completely unreadable, you can generate a new ReCaptcha challenge without needing to repopulate the form by clicking on the circular arrow icon, consisting of two arrows with each pointing through half of the circle, in the ReCaptcha below.

NOTE: If you are contacting Hawaii ARES to report an issue with the web-site, please include a full description of the issue and the URL for the page that exhibited the issue (a partial URL that indicates the file name is acceptable). If the page reported an error message, please include the text of the error message and the steps to reproduce the issue.